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Dr.-Ing. Jana Wilmers

University of Wuppertal
Chair of Solid Mechanics
Gaußstr. 20
42119 Wuppertal

Room: W.12.099  
Office: +49 (0) 202 439 2086
e-Mail: wilmers{at}




  •     computational modeling of materials
  •     mechanics of polymers
  •     multiphysical coupling
  •     interface elasticity



J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann
Nature's design solutions in dental enamel: Uniting high strength and extreme damage resistance
Acta Biomaterialia, accepted, 2020

E. Griffiths, J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann, D. Reddy
Nanoporous metal based composites: giving polymers strength and making metals move
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 137, 2020

J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann
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Extreme Mechanics Letters 21, pp 57-64, 2018

S. Bargmann, B. Klusemann, J. Markmann, J. Schnabel, K. Schneider, C. Soyarslan, J. Wilmers
Generation of 3d representative volume elements (RVEs) for heterogeneous materials: a review
Progress in Materials Science 96, pp 322-384, 2018

S. Drücker, J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann 
Influence of the microstructure on effective mechanical properties of carbon nanotube composites 
Coupled Systems Mechanics 6(1), 1-15, 2017

J. Wilmers, A. McBride, S. Bargmann
Interface elasticity effects in polymer-filled nanoporous metals
Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 99, 163-177, 2017
J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann
A continuum mechanical model for the description of solvent induced swelling in polymeric glasses: thermomechanics coupled with diffusion
European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids, 53, 10-18, 2015

J. Wilmers, B. Lenhof
Comparison of Different FE-approaches for Modelling of Short Fibre Composites
Technische Mechanik, 34(2), 90 - 103, 2014

B. Sarac, J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann
Property optimization of metallic glasses via structural design
Materials Letters, 134, 306-310, 2014

J. Wilmers, S. Bargmann
Simulation of non-classical diffusion in polymers
Heat Mass Transfer, 50, 1543-1552, 2014

A. Brinkmann, F. Langer, F. Scholler, Z. Shan, J. Wilmers, Y. Zhao, C. Oligschleger
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Physica B , 406 , 2931-2947 , 2011